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Maniac with Saw is a multiplayer survival horror mod for Warcraft III.

A few people find themselves in an unknown location in the dark night.
For most of them, this night will be their last, and for the rest of them, will completely change their lives.

MWS Hardcore x3.03 beta :: Gameplay Demonstration (Victim):

MWS Hardcore x3.03 beta :: Gameplay Demonstration (Maniac):

Main features:

  • Violence and gore: Your blood will flow, your head will fall. Those who meet the chainsaw always die in horrible agony.

  • Unnatural darkness: Use your flashlight or lanterns wisely. Those who need light to see will become natural prey.

  • Realistic chat system: You can hear other players only if you are near them.

  • Randomizing gameplay: Various things are random, from weather effects to your hero characteristics (running speed, stamina, etc.)

  • Horrific sound effects: Awesome sounds from Silent Hill, Call of Cthulhu, Manhunt, Penumbra and Amnesia.

  • Depressing atmosphere: Disturbing visuals, absolute darkness, sound effects and your helplessness all together will feed fear and sadism inside you.

  • Sources of inspiration include The Texas Chainsaw Massacre movies by Tobe Hooper (1974) and Marcus Nispel (2003), Manhunt by Rockstar North (2003-2007) and Silent Hill series by Team Silent (1999-2004).